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Arpeggio sheet music example


Arpeggios are an amazing musical technique which you will come across all the time in lots of different styles. The music theory term arpeggio (or broken chord) simply describes when the notes of a chord are played one after the other rather than at the same time. This is as opposed to a block chord […]

How To Read Sheet Music Pitch


How to read music – Getting Started In this beginner lesson we’re going to look at some of the basics of sheet music. The only background knowledge you need when learning how to read music is a basic understanding of the fact that some notes sound higher than others – this difference is called pitch. […]

Music Theory Sharps and Flats

Sharps and Flats

Reading Sharps and flats If you’ve looked at the lesson on Getting Started then you will now know how to read sheet music for the white notes (otherwise known as the naturals) on a piano/keyboard. However, we need to also know when to play the black notes. The black notes are known as sharps and […]

Bass Clef

Bass Clef

Bass Clef Made Easy Why do we need a Bass Clef? The Bass Clef always poses problems for people trying to learn how to read music. I often get asked what the point of the Bass Clef is because its existence just seems to make life harder for no good reason!! Well, the reason we […]

Key Signatures

Key Signatures

Key Signatures Music is often described as the universal language. However, there are variations within this language. Key signatures tell us what dialect/variation of this universal language we are speaking at any one time. In order to understand key signatures when learning how to read sheet music we need to learn about scales and keys. […]



The choice of tempo (speed) of a piece of music has a crucial bearing on its feel and the genre it sits in. There are some styles of music which have specific tempos – e.g. romantic ballads tend to have a fairly slow tempo, whilst disco music tends to have a fast tempo. When you’re […]

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