Christmas Choir

Here are the sheet music scores and the mp3’s for the arrangements we are working on at the moment:

I have done a version with with each individual part loud in the mix so you can practice your part. Please don’t worry about how much or little music theory knowledge you have – just have a listen to your part as many times as you can and sing along to it!

You can stream the tracks below.
Or, click on the grey arrow to the right of the player to download the tracks and save them to your computer/drag them into your mp3 player and enjoy!

Once in Royal

Once in Royal soprano part

Once in Royal alto part

Once in Royal tenor part

Once in Royal bass part


Once in Royal

O Come all Ye Faithful

Silent Night

Silent Night soprano part

Silent Night alto part

Silent Night tenor part

Silent Night bass part

Still Still Still

Still Still Still soprano part

Still Still Still alto part

Still Still Still tenor part

Still Still Still bass part

Still Still Still Christmas Choir sheet music

Still Still Still Piano Part sheet music

Sussex Carol

Sussex Carol Soprano A part

Sussex Carol Soprano B part

Sussex Carol Alto part

Sussex Carol Tenor part

Sussex Carol Bass part

Drummer Ding

Drummer Ding Soprano part

Drummer Ding Alto part

Drummer Ding Tenor part

Drummer Ding Bass part

Drummer Ding Full Sheet Music

In the Bleak Midwinter

In the bleak midwinter descant

In the bleak midwinter soprano

In the bleak midwinter alto

In the bleak midwinter tenor

In the bleak midwinter bass

In the bleak midwinter choir sheet music

O Holy Night

O Holy Night Soprano part

O Holy Night Alto part

O Holy Night Men part

O Holy Night Sheet Music