Making it Easy

Learning To Read Music The Easy Way

Many people are daunted by the prospect of learning how to read music. They know it is going to help make them a better musician, but it seems like such a massive task. They also think that it’s going to be terribly boring! Let me dispel the myth. Learning how to read music does take some work, but it should not be seen as this insurmountable obstacle – you can learn how to read music and you can do it relatively quickly and easily and, believe it or not, it can be fun!!

As a music teacher with over 10 years of experience, I have developed a method of teaching people how to read music which I see work every single day. The reason it works is because it is simple and practical. My method focuses on helping you understand how to read the 7 crucial elements of music and then gives you lots of practical exercises so that you can get on with playing your instrument as quickly as possible.

The 7 Key Elements Of Music My Method Covers

1. The pitch of a note – This is one of the 2 crucial characteristics of a musical note and one that you need to be able to read. However, I’ll show you how, (with a bit of help from a piece of paper and a cup of coffee!!), you will be able to read any note on any piece of music.
2. The length of a note – This is the other crucial aspect of any note. Thankfully, my method will show you the 3 features of a note’s appearance which you need to learn in order to be able to determine the length of any note.
3. The speed and grouping of the beat – The speed can be read once you’ve learned a few Italian words, whilst the grouping is easy to understand once you grasp what’s called a time signature.
4. The Rhythm – One of the most fun aspects of music to learn. I’ve got lots of clapping exercises and basic rhythmic pieces to help you learn to play rhythms confidently.
5. The Volume – Again, as with speed, I’ll teach you a few Italian words (rather than the whole dictionary!!) and you will be ready to go.
6. Directions – Have you ever wondered how professional musicians find their way around sheet music so quickly? Well, if you know a few signposts then it isn’t that hard to grasp.
7. Adding The Magic! – Articulation and Phrasing are the magic of music. How you put expression into different notes is one of the aspects that gives music its unexplainable beauty. You’ll be amazed at how simple this most wonderful aspect of music is to read. I’ll show you quickly so that you can then spend a whole lifetime learning to put into practice on your instrument!