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Welcome to The Music Theory Academy – helping you Learn How To Read Sheet Music. The Academy is a TOTALLY FREE resource for musicians who want to take their musicianship to the next level by learning about music theory.

Whether you are just starting out as a musician, studying for a music theory examination or simply want to become a better musician then the music theory academy is the place for you.

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Time Signatures

A time signature appears at the start of every piece of sheet music and consists of two numbers on top of each other (a bit like a fraction in math, but without the line). I’m going to look at why we need a time signature and give you a quick practical activity to try. I’ll […]

How To Compose Piano Music

1. Why do you want to compose? This may seem like a funny place to start this series on how to compose – isn’t this question a bit flowery? Surely it would be better to dive straight into some techniques so we can get started right away. Do I really need to know why I […]

Ludovico Einaudi Piano Music

Ludovico Einaudi’s music seems to be everywhere at the moment. Whether it is the backdrop to the latest TV programme/advert or being headlined at a classical awards ceremony, it is difficult to avoid this contemporary Italian composer’s distinctive brand of piano-based music. Is Einaudi’s music really classical music? Many people are discovering his music for […]

Avoiding writers block when learning how to Write Piano Music

In the last article we looked at why you are composing for the piano. Now it’s time to start looking at how to start writing music for the piano – fantastic! Straight away I want to tackle one of the biggest obstacles that many of my students come up against when seeking to compose – […]

chopin piano music

I love Chopin’s piano music. Put simply, Chopin took the simple and insignificant and made it beautiful and meaningful. His was not a life of great symphonies, but one in which the little things were championed. Most of the pieces Chopin wrote in his relatively short life (he died in 1849 aged 39) were short […]

writing a melody

Writing a Melody “What are you going to send me out of the room humming?” This is the most common question I ask my students when teaching them how to compose music. Think of any great piece of music from any genre and it will (most likely) have a great melody. I have heard it […]

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