How To Draw a Bass Clef

Learn how to draw a Bass Clef quickly with this step by step guide. A Bass Clef looks really tricky to draw when you first look at it, but it is actually much easier than drawing a Treble Clef. Have a look at this video and the pictures of the 3 steps for you to follow:

Step 1
Draw a dot on the 4th line up of the staff. This line of the staff is going to become the note “F” below middle C once we have drawn the Bass Clef – hence why it is also known as the “F clef”.

How to Draw a Bass Clef Step 1

Step 2
Draw in a circular motion to the right, touching the top line of the staff and then descending to finish below the dot drawn in step one. The line should finish below the 2nd line up on the staff and just above the bottom line. You should have drawn something that looks a bit like a human ear!

How to Draw a Bass Clef Step 2

Step 3
We are going to finish off the clef by drawing 2 dots to the right hand side, one in each of the top 2 spaces of the staff.
How to Draw a Bass Clef Step 3

And that’s it! You have learnt how to draw a Bass Clef!
How to Draw a Bass Clef

How To Draw A Bass Clef Clef Practice Worksheets

When you first start trying to draw a Bass Clef they can look a bit messy and inconsistent! It is really important to practice drawing them. A good way of doing this is to trace over some Bass Clef templates.

I have put together a FREE PDF worksheet for you (click on the link below to download it) which helps you learn by drawing over templates. Feel free to download it, print it off and get practising!

Click Here to Download How to draw a Bass Clef Worksheet

How to Draw a Bass Clef Worksheet Preview

I hope you found this lesson helpful. The more you practice using the worksheets the easier you will find it. Don’t worry if your clefs are slightly different to mine – that is all part of demonstrating your own “flair” when writing sheet music. As long as the top of your clef doesn’t go beyond the top line and it finished somewhere in the first space up on the staff they should look fine!
Good luck!