How To Draw a Treble Clef

Learning how to draw a treble clef is a very important skill to have if you are wanting to write music by hand. At first glance, a treble clef looks like a really complicated symbol to draw, but it is actually quite easy if you follow this 3 step process and put in a little bit of practice! Have a look at this quick video lesson showing you how to do it:

How To Draw a Treble Clef – Easy 3 Step Method

Step 1
Start with your pen/pencil on the second line up of the staff (this line is going to become a “G” once the treble clef is written – this is why the treble clef is also known as the G clef).
From this position, draw in a circular motion to the right, touching the middle line of the staff then continuing to touch the bottom line of the staff before returning to the 2nd line up as shown in this diagram:

How to Draw a Treble Clef Step 1

Step 2
Now we are going to continue by drawing a diagonal line (bottom left to top right) up beyond the top line of the staff as shown in the diagram below:

How to Draw a Treble Clef Step 2

Step 3
The final step in drawing a treble clef involves drawing a straight line down intersecting the semicircle we drew in step 1 right through to beyond the bottom line of the staff. We then finish this line off with a little curl to the left.

How to Draw a Treble Clef Step 3

The Finished Clef

That’s it! You have learnt how to draw a treble clef! You just need to put all 3 of these steps together and you will be able to draw some fantastic treble clefs!
How to Draw a Treble Clef
Now for some practice!

How To Draw A Treble Clef Practice Worksheets

When you first start to draw a treble clef they can look a bit wobbly! It is really important to practice drawing them and a really effective way to do this is to trace over some templates of treble clefs.
I have put together a FREE PDF worksheet for you (click on the link below to download it) which helps you learn each of the 3 steps by drawing over templates. Feel free to download it, print it off and get practising:

Download How to Draw a Treble Clef Worksheet

How to Draw a Treble Clef Worksheet Preview

Don’t worry if it seems tricky at first – you will be amazed at how quickly you get the hang of it with a bit of practice. The worksheet is divided up into the 3 different steps of the process and so you can practice each one in turn. I have also produced the staves at approximately the size you will be writing sheet music if you are using a typical manuscript book.
Also, don’t worry about making your clefs look exactly like the templates when you start to draw them freehand – slight differences can add a real personal touch to your music writing.